We are a Premium Vaping Lounge specializing in bringing the best of the vaping world to the great city of Louisville.

West Coast Vape Lounge – Located in Louisville's Hillview neighborhood, conveniently located on Mud lane, right next to Papa Murphy’s. 

Striving to provide you with an exceptional vaping experience, West Coast Vape Lounge carries a variety of Premium E-Juice Flavors. Ranging from sweet & fruity to creamy desert flavors, whatever your flavor profile, we’ve got you covered! From national brands like The Drip Co., Naked100 & Beard Vape Co. to Louisville’s very own local brands, Holy Cow & VVDistro.


Whether you are new to vaping or have mastered the art, everyone is welcome! We know the
struggle that comes with trying to quit smoking and we WANT to help YOU! With a friendly staff
that's ready to answer any questions, and assist you in finding the perfect starter kit or upgrade
your current mod for something more suitable to your vaping needs.

So, come lounge with us! Let Renee help you find the perfect juice, brush up on your trick life skills with Chad & Kodi or talk vape stuff with Travis over a game of Call of Duty.

                    The best products available for the best vaping experience in Louisville.
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